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Paul Wilcox

North West End

"Mandy Tootill gives an empowering two fingers to cancer in this hilarious tale of the human spirit."

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Nominated for:

Best Comedy MCR Fringe 2018


Nominated for:

Best Comedy Performer Buxton Fringe 2018

"Not unlike Victoria Wood or Julie Hesmondhalgh, she uses her frank, likeable and heart-warming 'northerness' to make you feel like one of the family."

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"Touches the heart and leaves you crying and laughing simultaneously."

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Mandy is an idiot. Infact she’s a right nob, but she’s hilarious and adorable so that makes it ok. Sometimes horrible thing’s happen to the nobbiest of people. When faced with her own mortality, how does she cope? She laughs into the cleavage of cancer....because laughter really is the breast medicine.



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Paul Wilcox


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Robbie Carnegie



"Fascinating Women was just that due to the brilliance of the females involved. To say Mandy Tootill was the the absolute pinacle of it, is an understatement. I honestly don't think there was a member of the audience that was expecting it. Her story hit us right in the gob and in the heart and there wasn't a single woman who was not affected by it. The comments I had about her afterwards were something else. She is a absolute warrior who tells her story with the steel and humour that only a fighter can tell. She broke and restored our hearts in an hour. An absolute privilege to be in her company. Thank you Mandy.

The definition of Fierce".

Gillian Hardie

"When Mandy invited me to support her show at the Women In Comedy Festival I waivered. The shows theme was around cancer which was a bit too close to home. However, I wanted to support her first show Twin Peaks. I am so pleased I went but boy what a rollercoaster of emotions. Mandy takes you through her journey from finding a lump, to surgery, through chemo and beyond. It's candid, raw but with appropriate humour which cannot help but capture your heart, leaving you crying and laughing throughout. A beautiful message of her fight for life, through to recovery and beyond. Mandy has her own unique style which draws you in from the outset, a true inspiration."

Michelle Partington,

MENTIS Training and Consultancy


Been getting my Twin Peaks out all over the place. They liked what they saw, but don't take my word for it, the audience have spoken.....

"she shows us that comedy performance is about much more than telling jokes. It's also a way to tell poignant, difficult and authentic stories. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll be a better person if you see this show."

"An inspiring start to your Ed Fringe day can highly recommend Twin Peaks starring the very funny and talented Mandy Tootill. A positive, optimistic cancer survivor story, nothing maudlin here."

"Love her unique storytelling & Northern charm and her hilarious near the knuckle anecdotes."

"Saw Mandy tonight at The Snug, absolutely brilliant show, I haven’t laughed so much for ages. she treats the subject of Cancer with such honesty and hilarity. If you haven’t watched her yet I recommend you do."

"Buckle up for a journey through twin peaks- a rollercoaster of a show that is emotional, educational, entertaining and totally unmissable! Take tissues, wear Tena, prepare to laugh at the taboo but don't miss this amazing show."

"Loved every minute of Twin Peaks. Had me chuckling all the way through."

"A fantastic debut show, from laughing to crying and laughing again it was hilarious, honest and very heartfelt. It was a privilege to be part of your audience this evening."

"Thoroughly enjoyed Twin Peaks, honest, unsentimental, original, funny and often very rude."

"Great Tits"

That's nice what they said int it?

Twin Peaks raised over £1400 for Prevent Breast Cancer
25th October 2019

The cat was well and truly let out the bag when my colleagues at work found out about my not so secret life, a professor googled my name and instead of finding my telephone number found several photos of me with my meringues. As part of breast cancer awareness month the UOM Wellbeing Team asked if I would put on my show for them to help raise awareness. Having already worked with Prevent Breast Cancer at their Afternoon Bee event (launch of Boobee campaign) I got my Twin Peaks out at Manchester Museum and we raised an awesome amount of money for an amazing charity, read more about the charity here:

Twin Peaks raised £112.91 for Cabaret Vs Cancer
2nd June 2019

Thank you Leeds for coming to see my Twin Peaks at Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen in June. You managed to raise £112.91 for Cabaret Vs Cancer. You really are awesome. Also shout out to Morning Star for help making this happen. Read more about this amazing charity here:

Twin Peaks raised £450 for  Living Well -
Calderdale Women's Cancer Support Network Group
11th May 2019

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone that bought a ticket to see my Twin Peaks at Hebden Little Theatre in May. You managed to raise £450.00 for the charity Living Well this will go towards funding their rent for the next 5 months to enable women who are going through cancer to meet up every month take time out, relax and take part in activities and support each other. You did this. You lot are brilliant. Read more about them here:

Twin Peaks raised £430 for Macmillian Cancer
19th September 2018

I am humbled to say that ticket sales from the show this summer have raised £430 for East Cheshire Macmillan Cancer Support. This money could pay for a Macmillan nurse for just over two days, helping people living with cancer and their families receive essential medical, practical and emotional support. I just want to thank everyone for their continued support of the show and for your help raising this money.

Twin Peaks raised £209 for Cancer Centre
7th November 2017

Due to the generosity of the audience and the Women in Comedy Festival, ticket sales from the show have raised £209 for Macclesfield Cancer Resource Centre.  Thank you to everyone that supported it.


Diva Magazine
18th July 2018
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4th June 2018